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… or are you part of the “We-can't-change-anything”-generation? 

You can: For 34 years we have been committed not only to traditional fields of nature conservation, but also take an active role in current socio-political discussions extending from genetic engineering to energy policy. The Regional Association BUND/ Friends of the Earth Germany of Rheinland-Pfalz handles a comprehensive range of political topics. This is ensured by thirty-four county and over sixty local organizations of integral significance. Climate, energy, transportation, water, agriculture and subsistence, health, nature and biodiversity: our working groups at the federal, state and local levels are a fundamental part of the political stage.

And rightly so: As a legally recognized party for Nature Conservation, BUND is consulted on possible interferences with the natural environment. Competence accompanies the hundreds of planning processes BUND, Rheinland-Pfalz completes each year. Our committed members and specialists strive for the conservation of nature and the environment for future generations.

And in real life? Our volunteers maintain orchards, provide amphibian-routing fences, assist in the construction of school gardens, plant trees, prevent the destruction of semi-natural areas and are active in environmental education.

Especially important: For children and teenagers, BUND offers youth games, trips, retreats and seminars. Natural and environmental education can never start too soon.

You know: One who wants to shape the future must take action! And the more support behind us, the stronger our influence on political and economic decision-makers will become.

So: Stop by and visit us.

Or even better: Become a member here, but also just as important, a member of the German Environmental and Nature Conservatory-Association!

Mach mit!; Her mit den Mäusen

BUND Landesgeschäftsstelle

BUND Landesgeschäftsstelle

Die Landesgeschäftsstelle befindet sich in Mainz etwa 10 Minuten zu Fuß vom Bahnhof entfernt:

Hindenburgplatz 3
55118 Mainz
Tel.: 06131-62706-0
Fax: 06131-62706-66

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